Content marketing trends in 2016

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Content marketing is the specialized technique by which valuable and relevant content are distributed so that it can attract the desired target audience. Content marketing has gained immense popularity in the few years and has emerged as a very profitable option in the long run. If done in an appropriate and strategic way it can expand the user base manifolds.

Have a look at the content marketing trends in 2016

There is a decline in the organic reach

Social media has been a very vital platform for making the content popular. But since some time mediums such as facebook have downsized the organic visibility level. Earlier the brands and various publishers could do the content promotion without paying money but it is not that much possible now. So the content marketers have to change their promotional strategy and are making efforts to find new ways.

There is great rise in the demand for interactive content

Plain content is no longer a very attractive thing. There is an emerging trend that users love to read and view the content that is highly interesting. The expectations are more with the interactive content. So some exciting techniques are being used up so that the readers and viewers remain engaged such as flowcharts, quiz, polls, interactive question answers etc.

Quality of the content is more important than the quantity

The content needs to be of certain value and relevance to the readers then only they will appreciate it. If it is just quantity centric then the readers may turn away. The quality of the content should be really good and it must have certain distinguishing and interesting elements which will make it stand out and better than the other content.

Video content is gaining immense popularity

Video content is becoming very popular at a really amazing speed. It is the finest way of conveying the thoughts to the targeted audience. The visual appeal is the main factor in the videos and if they are extremely interesting then in no time the video content spreads like a wildfire and the content message becomes very popular.

There is a rise in the popularity of podcasts

It is estimated that many people are downloading and listening to the podcasts very regularly.  It helps the content publishers a lot to find and create a targeted audience segment for their brands. It is easy to integrate this technique with various media formats and it is very easy, to begin with.

There is a great rise in user generated content

Many brands today are asking the users to create the content for their respective brands. They can share their views on the public forum and it creates a trustworthy opinion about the brand and helps in easy marketing. A lot of people view this kind of information to know the actual experience of the users and the points they have highlighted in the content.

Segmentation and personalization are becoming a necessary tactic

These techniques are gaining popularity because of immense competition from different sources. Highly specialized content is being marketed that cater to the requirements of a specific niche to build a dedicated audience.

One should plan the content marketing strategy after looking at the trends that are prevailing. It will help in catching with the pace. These trends help in identifying the areas where one needs to improve and the possibility that one can explore by updating with the current trends.