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Why Digital Marketing Is The Most Powerful Marketing Tool Today

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As the world continues to adopt internet-based living, consumer attention is largely focused on their connected gadgets. There is more information on the web than any physical library in the world, especially related to current products, services, methods, ideas, habits and trends.

Traditional media is not completely non – existent. Some of us still rely on articles, ads and other information given to us in a printed format. But a larger section of society prefers instant search gratification via the internet, especially through their smart phones.

These are the reasons that have led to Digital Marketing emerging as the most influential promotional tool in today’s time:

Internet, Technology And Digital Marketing

It begins and ends with the internet. There are more than 3 billion internet users in the world.

We use the internet for every aspect of our lives, whether it be personal or professional. Earlier, the internet was controlled purely by coders or technical professionals. Today, anyone can share and offer information on the internet. It’s easy, enjoyable, helpful and a habit for many.

There are more than 3 billion internet users in the world

Internet-based technologies that have contributed towards the success of Digital Marketing include Social media, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile phone applications, Big Data, Voice Search, Virtual and Augmented Reality and even Artificial Intelligence.

Mobile Phones Affecting Consumer Behavior

In 2014, the mobile phone penetration rate was 48.8%. Today, in 2019, it’s reached 63.4%.

A cell phone does not only offer us the means to communicate, look up information, use it or share it. It also influences our habits when it comes to our need for information and the way it is presented to us. Most consumers need quick, crisp and direct solutions to their problems or needs. The mobile phone has helped to develop that.

Mobile phone penetration rate has reached 63.4%

Information received over the internet is largely optimized and to the point, according to consumer needs. And so is every piece of content used in Digital Marketing. Conversational, engaging, enlightening and evergreen.

This makes the marriage between Digital Marketing and Mobile Phones a highly profitable one, with excellent ROI.

Customized Data Boosting Marketing Efforts

As Google Analytics and Data analysis gets further refined, it is able to guide marketing and selling efforts in a more effective way. Traditional media always targets a high probability segment. With internet-based consumer analytics, products and services can be directed exactly towards the buyer. Efforts are lesser and more focused.

Hence, Data Analytics not only help businesses to make better decisions on their offerings but also improve the user experience for a customer and enhance a purchase with further action.

Online Marketing And Online Buying

In 2017, consumers world-wide spent close to $2.3 trillion online. By 2021, this figure is predicted to be at a whopping $4.5 trillion.

E-commerce is one of those habits that took off and is showing no signs of slowing down.

It always makes sense to advertise at the place of purchase, especially in the case spontaneous purchases. E-commerce thrives on spontaneous and convenient purchases. Digital Marketing supports this tendency.

Most product websites, social media pages and emails direct the consumer to a purchase option and a payment gateway. Even if a consumer does not readily purchase a product or service via a blog or a social media post, even a ‘like’ means that the company has managed to at least sell an idea and plant a thought that may be acted upon soon.

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Lastly, Digital Marketing offers a direct, human, real-time connection with an existing or potential buyer. Consumers can experience a brand in an approachable manner and feel closer to it. This triggers a deeper brand loyalty than any other traditional marketing effort.