Email Marketing Trends That Worked In 2018

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Email marketing is one of the prime channels of customer acquisition which no digital marketer worth their salt can afford to ignore. Considering that email marketing is more targeted, subscriber centric and offers high returns, you just cannot afford to ignore this rich channel of revenue. However, in a world where inboxes are flooded every morning with bland and mechanized spam, it is very difficult to stand out among the rest. As a result, email marketing trends tend to change and evolve over time to suit the needs of the customers.

The following is a list of the top email marketing trends that worked in 2018.

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Targeted Automation

Targeted email automation was one of the most important drivers of ROI in 2018. In the battle for inbox supremacy, simply using email automation tools to send generic, template-based emails has not been very successful. 2018 saw a rise in targeted automation, where the subscribers themselves chose the form of email content they wanted delivered to their inboxes. This led to higher open and click-through rates, greater conversions and overall an increased level of customer engagement.

Conversational Email

Rise of conversational email marketing

Let’s face it: we humans love to converse. And no one likes to read an email that reads as if it was written by a robot, for a robot. As a result, 2018 saw the rise of conversational email marketing. While using an informal tone is not suitable across all sectors, a conversational style of email communication proved to be a better driver of engagement in 2018 leading to a high rate of engagement.

AI Based Customer Analytics

With a massive increase in the amount of customer data that is available to marketers, it has become virtually impossible to sift through the heaps and loads of information and reach actionable decisions. In 2018, AI has been one of the chief enablers of data analytics, allowing marketers to analyze customer data, reach appropriate conclusions and tailor their email marketing campaigns accordingly. This has helped to drive greater engagement and customer satisfaction.

Text Only Emails

While image-heavy emails are eye-catching, a rising trend in email marketing has been text only emails. This has become popular due to the fact that text only emails appear less commercial and act as a personal message aimed at the particular customer. Also, they are easier to prepare, allowing the marketers to focus more on the content than on the appearance of the email.

Mobile-Centric Design

Mobile centric email design

With the internet going mobile, more and more customers are checking their email on-the-go. This invariably led to a rise in mobile centric email design in 2018. Emails were made more responsive and targeted to the small screens so that they had fast open-times and were better viewable.

The above trends of 2018 are expected to continue in the email marketing space in the near future. Along with the inclusion of intense personalization and targeted delivery of customer value, the email marketing space is an exciting place to be in.