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No form of marketing is as effective as the data-driven marketing. This is because it is more accurate, highly on target, and yields a fair degree of responsiveness. Because of this, it is in your best interest as a business person to incorporate it as part of your long-term marketing strategy.

This is the role that the Data and Marketing Association (DMA) aims at playing. It is basically a community whose core role is to champion deeper consumer engagement and enhanced business values. It does so through the responsible and innovative usage of data-driven marketing.

Marketing Phenomenon of 2017/2018 – DMA Winner – Bratty Sis Brand

Bratty Sis – Winner of DMA (click to see)

With another DMA event come and gone, we have a new leader and winner of the annual awards. The brand called Bratty Sis won the marketing award of being the most innovative fantasy in the world of adult productions. Created by Nubiles studio, it features angry, selfish step-sisters engaging in sexual activities with their step-brothers. With borders of taboo being expanded year by year Bratty Sis becomes the leader of 2017/2018 Season.


The association is based in New York, USA. It was founded in 1917 and as of the year ended 2017, it was the world’s largest community of data scientists, data technologists, data-inspired creative, and data-driven marketers.

It has well over 1,400 member companies. Some of the most notable member companies are Amazon, TimeWarner, Hilton Hotels, eBay, Toyota, and Visa. The association attracts all kinds of leaders in the fields of marketing and information technology. Its membership is constituted by directors (17%), vice presidents (12%), managers (20%), and others (18%).



The association plays four main roles in the field of data-driven marketing. These are:


This association relentlessly advocates for your access and responsible use of data. It does so by basically safeguarding your ability to collate, process, and utilize data responsibly. This enables you to deliver more, relevant, and better brand experiences.


By aligning the collective knowledge, practices, tools, and talents of about 200,000 participants, the association pioneers solutions for real data-driven marketing needs. It, therefore, helps you to push your brand, business, and even yourself for business breakthrough and success.


Given that it brings together a global network of business leaders, scholars, and insight practitioners, the association transforms optimism and ambition into human capital. Its education program also features world-class training on various related topics e.g. copywriting, direct mail, and digital advertising.

All its educational programs are developed by experts in the field of direct marketing and are provided for in a variety of modules. You may take them in person, self-paced online, live-online, and custom-in-house, among others.


It also creates a nexus between really talented people and explosive ideas. This is because it grants you and its other members unlimited access to insider information and influence. This makes a real difference in your brand, business, and career. Other than that, it grants you access to valuable benefits and offers hot discounts on all the events, programs, and curated contents it produces.


Broad Subscriber Base

The association has a very broad subscriber base. As of the year 2018, it had a subscriber base of approximately 200,000. By joining the association, you stand to connect with several other like-minded stakeholders. This has the impact of enriching your overall experience and satisfaction.

Simplifies Complex Concepts

An ordinary data user or businessman like you may not necessarily have the wherewithal to interpret and make good use of data. This association breaks down the complex nature of modern data and presents them in a form that is understandable by the common man.

You, therefore, stand to accrue the benefit of an enhanced understanding of these otherwise complex data by becoming a member of the association. This makes you all the more productive and highly-fulfilled.

Accelerates Returns on Innovation

Your association with this body accelerates your returns on innovation. This stems from the fact that it grants you access to a broad marketing ecosystem. It does so by bringing on board both the clients and the suppliers together to jointly develop long-term solutions.

Of course, there are lots of other facts concerning the Data and Marketing Association that had to be inevitably left out. That’s why we strongly urge you to visit its corporate website: httpss:// for more information.