Biggest video marketing trends of 2016

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Even if the concept of video marketing is not new, however, the growing trend for visual resources across the various distribution channels happens to be the largest trending in this regard for 2016. The paragraphs underneath will highlight the significant trending in the domain of video marketing.

Marketers are emphasizing on branded video resources

It is foreseen that the use of video content will cover up about 70% of the overall traffic by the year 2017.  For brands, video resources are an effective way to introduce themselves as well as propagating their messages. Hence, video content comes highly effective for promoting a product and enhance the reach of the product.  The best part is that the video content enables the marketers to describe their services and boost the engagement of the customers. Social media platforms are the most effective platforms for promoting video content. Businesses can benefit from video marketing, depending on their business goals, promotional strategies as well as the target audience.

Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube are the most popular among the social Medias for promoting video content

In today’s time, there are ample of social media sites, each featuring its respective advantages. Though in general, social Medias have been a priority choice for marketers to promote video contents, Facebook, YouTube and Snap chat are the top 3 choices in this regard.

Native videos in Facebook get favored in the Newsfeeds. It involves no surprise that in a span of a year between 2104 and 2015, there has been a 5-time rise in the use of video content. In today’s time, businesses are exploring the ways to boost the brand awareness, sharing video contents on facebook. Likewise, markets are looking out for unique ways to promote their brands through video content. As per the latest market report, brand promotion through video contents is the latest trending in social media marketing and it will rise further in the years to come.

YouTube holds a user base of over billion subscribers and the viewing sessions, on an average, ranges to about 40 minutes.  This suggests a clear rise by 50%, as compared with the previous year. AS forecasted by experts, the trend will intensify further in the forthcoming years.

Snapchat, as on today’s date, holds over 10 million users and the number rising drastically each day. This site offers a unique flair and with the passage of time, marketers are experimenting unique ways to tap this massive potential.

Product and Landing page videos

Convinced with the capacity of video contents to attract the attention of the users, brands are promoting their product with description videos. This replaces the traditional textual product descriptions. On the other hand, businesses are posting videos about their brands on the landing pages.

In the opinion of the experts, these trends will retain its relevance and importance in the forthcoming year. Hence, if you have missed out on these tricks for the ongoing year, you inevitably need to adopt these techniques in the New Year to keep your business competitive.