Top 5 Trends in Search Engine Marketing for 2016

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In search engine marketing field, the year 2016 has been significant. The ongoing year witnessed the introduction of various unique features, with a special mention to Google AdWords. You inevitably require incorporating these features into your SEM strategy in the forthcoming times.  The paragraphs underneath will unleash the top 5 points in this regard.

Video Advertising

YouTube ranks only next to Google and it contemporary times, it is impossible to think of search engine marketing, without referring to this site. As YouTube got integrated with Google AdWords, as well as the introduction of the YouTube shopping advertisements, video advertising has been a major component of search engine marketing in 2016.  As on today’s date, Google is evaluating video Advertisements within the pages of search engine results. It holds the potential to get to a dominant position in the aspect of search engine marketing.

Interactive Advertising

AS per a report from Google, 1 out of every 4 apps installed, never gets used.  With the passage of time, people’s interest in mobile devices is turning shorter. To counteract as well as to offer a better experience to the users, Google recently came up with the unique interactive advertisement for apps.  These apps facilitate the testing of an app and do some interaction, as for instance to swipe. This trending gets verified with the growing count of the interactive shopping advertisements. It is expected that with the advancement of time, this orientation will turn more mainstream.

Similar audiences

Marketers can target their campaigns using interest as well as other targeting options. Search engines are collating personal data of the users in higher extent and it permits them to target identical audience. The data is turning more precise and it enables the marketers to make their campaigns more targeted.

Ad extensions are the latest way for marketers to communicate with customers

In 2015, Google introduced a set of latest ad extensions. The most crucial among the lot is definitely the extension of the structured snippet. It offers the callout extensions that extend more information about your organization. Bing introduced another ad extension as well, going by the name image extension.

Mobile optimization

Post the announcement of mobilegeddon, the majority of the webmaster optimized their web pages for mobile instruments. Mobile device users can surf those websites that had been mobile optimized. As per the latest prediction, mobile traffic shall grow further. Hence, the potential for mobile optimized advertisements shall rise as well.

It will not be the slightest exaggeration to state that the year 2016 has been exciting and vibrant for search engine marketing. In the opinion of the experts, these trends will rise further in the years to come.  Thus, it is crucial that you embrace these trends and develop similar strategies that will comply with the trends. Remember, the domain of search engine marketing is extremely competitive and if you are not adopting the prevailing trends, you are simply allowing your competitors to surpass you. It will be impossible to parallel the advancement of your competitors in subsequent times.