7 SEO Trends to Stay Ahead of the Curve in 2016

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At the transition between the years, people foresee the new orientations and changes that are expected to come up in life. This holds true for the domain of SEP practices as well. With just a few days left to hit the New Year, it will make sense to discuss those trends that are expected to dominate the domain SEO services in the New Year.

Social Content will come to the forefront

In the New Year, social media contents will get to the forefront and SERPs will give exceeding importance to these contents.  As on today’s date, around 80% of the marketers use social Medias for supporting and boosting SEO. In the ongoing year, marketers have tried all the probable ways to make the maximum usage of the social media platforms. Experts foresee that in the New Year, exceeding the volume of contents from social Medias will get indexed by Google and other leading search engines. So far the strategies of social media concerned, this trending will blur those lines between social media and the web.

Video Content will hold the dominance

For the last few years, SEO projects have emphasized on video contents over text and in the opinion of the experts, this trend will continue for the years to come. This is obvious as videos attract better attention and engagement of the traffic, as compared to what the text content can do. Videos displaying moments of some special business events or your customers speaking about your brand or its portfolio of products and services comes more effective to promote your brand than what the text content can do. Hence, you need to give good importance to the video content, while you plan your SEO strategies for the New Year.

Mobile optimization is going to turn crucial

In the New Year, mobile optimization is going to determine the outcome of your SEO projects. Google and other search engines give higher ranking to the mobile optimized and responsive websites. Hence, if you have to reap delightful results from your SEO campaign in the New Year, you inevitably need to embrace mobile optimization.

Voice Search Function will turn to a must

With the passage of time, people are getting more familiar with the technique of voice search and hence, it is foreseen that this function will turn inevitable in the New Year.

The New Year will be the time for bigger and better content Aggregation

Content Aggregation is an effective and practical way to find, collate, consolidating, presenting as well as sharing and publishing content in a style that will appeal to the audience. You need to ensure that you are collecting authentic content from credible sources.

The craze for mobile applications will get more intense

Recent research shows that in the New Year, more and more organizations and marketers will embrace the mobile apps for promoting their business.

Local SEO will get to a more formidable role

In the New Year, LOAL SEO is going to get more importance and will be highly effective to boost the outcome from the SEO projects.

Adopt these strategies and take the necessary preparation so that in the New Year your business can unleash a new set of potentials and eventually reaches to the next level of success.