15 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2016

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The social media marketing approaches and orientations are dynamic and here, changes keep on evolving. The purpose of this article is to discuss the prevailing trends and orientation in the contemporary social media marketing industry.

  1. Social media retain its importance as a prime contributor to businesses

The latest report suggests that about 90% businesses and marketers use the social media for promoting their products and services. This trend will continue in the forthcoming times.

  1. Seasoned marketers are investing more time and efforts on social media

Understanding the potential that the Social Media platforms offer, experienced marketers are putting more time and effort on social media, as compared to the recent past.

  1. Marketers, embracing social media, experienced drastic rise in the sales and revenue figures

A report reveals the finding that marketers that have been consistent in social media for the last 2 years experienced a drastic rise in the sales and revenue figures.

  1. Social Media fosters effective and rewarding business partnership

Businesses and Marketers can collaborate with more potential and rewarding business partners, through the social Medias.

  1. Social media drastically boost the volume of sales lead generation

Investing just 6 hours in a week, you can enhance the volume of sales lead generation by a whopping margin on 65%. It is impossible to get closer to this mark, adopting other ways.

  1. Marketing expenses comes down by a significant margin, adopting social media marketing technique

Spending as little as 11 to 12 hours a week on social media, you can reduce your marketing expenses, approximately by a margin of 35%.

  1. Improvement in search ranking comes within 12 months of starting social media marketing

A recent report suggests that businesses that had been consistently promoting their brands on social media for last 12 months experienced a significant ranking in the search engines.

  1. Fan base and followers list enhances with 12 months of seasoning

A comparison between marketers, active in social media for more than a year and the ones having lesser seasoning suggest that the former parties hold the wider base of fans and followers in social media.

  1. Social media marketing enhances the extent of exposure and boost the volume of traffic

A drastic rise in the volume of web traffic and greater exposure happens to be the biggest benefit of social media marketing.

  1. Facebook dominates over other social Medias

Facebook retains its position as the leader among the social media sites, surpassing the other Medias by a significant margin.

  1. LinkedIn is the first choice for the B2B marketers

LinkedIn gets the priority of the B2B marketers.  For B2C marketers, Facebook is the most frequently adopted media.

  1. Snap chat is going through a phase of growth

Even if Snap chat covers a bare minimum of 16% share of the social media marketing industry, the share rose by a significant 8% margin within a span of a year.

  1. Blog retains the prime slot in content marketing

Blogging retains its importance content marketing, holding 40% share of the total ballgame.

  1. Video marketing experienced a significant rise in 2016

In 2016, more than 75% marketers adopted video marketing as one of the prime measures to promote their brands over the social Medias.

  1. Facebook and LinkedIn happen to be the top choices to marketers for republishing content. 

You need to consider these trends with importance as it will form the foundation for or social media strategies in the forthcoming years.