14 top rated digital trends for 2016

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Here we will analyze on what are the significant marketing trends in the year 2016. You need to select one among the various marketing techniques that will give your business the much-leaded lift.

Trends in content marketing

It has been the top digital marketing trend for the last 3 years and will continue to do so. It is suggested that you concentrate on developing an integrated content marketing strategy.

Display marketing

It may include the banners on publishers and at the same time, ad networks social media including pragmatic.


Are considered to be one among the hottest consumable commodities. An ideal example in this regard is Apple watch

Search marketing paid

As part of Pay per click advertising, Google ad words is important and they have been working on a mobile first strategy based on these features.

Online PR

It is linked with content marketing in a lot of ways. In no way, a top ranking is assured as the others also tend to be important.

Internet of things market applications

In the last 2 to 3 years, it is one of the popular marketing technology applications and is of most importance to the retailers. By 2020, it is expected that 75 million devices will be connected by it.

Social media marketing

It includes social customer care and social CRM. It reaches and encourages the audience but an interesting trend that has been observed that certain social media platforms are in decline in certain countries.

Improving the experience of websites

Also referred to as conversion rate optimization, this was selected as the Smart insights and would see the most of the growth in the coming years. But the question is why most of the business are missing out on the data-driven approach is indeed a matter of surprise.

Mobile marketing

More and more companies have gone on to adopt the mobile response design, though it has a considerable amount of impact on the search results on Google.

Market automation

In comparison to content marketing, it has been on the top charts for sure. But many businesses tends to have the potential for improving the process of automation.

Big data

The concept of big data applications includes predictive analysis and better customer insight.


Search engine optimization is bound to be the future considering the advancements made by Google about the index and AMP. One has gone on to witness a huge increase in the AMP smartphone traffic


There are vertical or branch niche communities


It is indeed good for marketing and this is indeed important where all the channels tend to work and support each other. The response to a particular channel of advertisement is considered and based on that your marketing strategy is focused.

These are some of the major digital marketing trends that have gone on to create flutters in 2016. So expect them to continue the trend in the coming year as well. So embrace it at the earliest!