Top Dominating Trend in Digital Marketing 2017

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Digital marketing has gained high fame in these days. Medium and large sized businesses have successfully been able to create their online presence with the aid of digital marketing strategies. Internet market is capable of expanding your business and allure your potential audience at the same time. Here is a list of the top digital marketing trends of the year 2017;

The increasing dominance of video ads.

Video advertisements are common for social media giants such as Facebook and Youtube. The news of Google that entered the fray with the aid of in-SERP video advertising is surely going to alter the whole spectrum of online advertisement. It also leads to the fact that users have accepted video ads more. With the increase in trend, there are various kinds of video ads which will be popping up on the screen.

Mobile will be seen dominating desktop

2016 was known to be a big year for mobile. We have witnessed how Google has conferred better option to the websites optimizing for mobile. The unique use of these handheld devices and reduction of the desktop traffic is a clear indication that mobile marketing will dominate in 2017. Hence, it can be concluded that mobile optimization along with mobile search is a top priority for digital marketers in this year.

Social conversion will be more common

It goes without saying that the power of social media is enhancing leaps and bounds. The online communities will not only be restricted to alluring new prospects or company to customer conversation. In lieu of that, there will be new scopes for raising conversion rates which will further give a boost to the business. We have seen the same in past for lead generation and eCommerce websites. Thus, it can be said that social media will act as channels for bringing new conversions and conferring tools for converting prospects into leads directly.

Smart devices along with wearable technologies

In the last few years, we have witnessed the unveiling of Google Glass, Motto 360, Apple iWatch and other identical smart devices. These devices will be worn on one go and you be connected to the digital world with their assistance. The year of 2017 will be more of similar innovations and smart devices in wearable technology which will alter the landscape of local marketing. Online marketers will be seen focusing on the potential of wearable technology which will reduce the differences between offline and online marketing.

Conversion rate optimization will be offering ROI

CRO or conversion rate optimization is certainly not a new word to the online marketers. However, it is high time for introducing the same on the landing pages of the website. Conversion rate optimization will assist in tracking user behavior on the website and identification of elements will be producing more conversions. In lieu of keeping a higher budget for the purpose of advertising, marketers will be making
use of CRO for converting the existing traffic into leads.

These digital marketing aspects will surely be dominating the market in the year of 2017. More trends will be set up in the year which will raise the dependence of businesses on digital marketing aspects.