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The Direct Marketing Association’s Innovation Awards seek to identify and showcase the next generation of creators, inventors, and disruptors that are developing game changing technologies and platforms that push the boundaries of what is possible for today’s marketers.

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Innovation Award entrants are a part of the Generation of digitally-savvy, data-driven mavericks are known as GenD— they curate the dialogue, influence minds, and create demand with a capital D.

The 2015 Innovation Awards Program celebrates the pioneering products and solutions that enable marketers to integrate conventional marketing practices with groundbreaking technologies and enter, with confidence, a marketing space dominated by data-driven techniques and defined by rapid development, growth and change.

The 2015 Innovation Award winners will showcase their platforms during &THEN, The Global Marketing Experience.

If you are a member of GenD and have created the next wave of landscape-altering solutions, SUBMIT your product or service today.

Winner Benefits

Winning product or solution showcased at the innovation awards pavilion at &THEN


Innovation Awards Ceremony dedicated to winners


A formal press release announcing all winners to DMA media outlets and other DMA networks


A webinar presentation after &THEN


Dedicated Blog post


An engraved award trophy


One Complimentary All-Access registration at &THEN

Your colleagues or clients also receive a $300 discount

Winner Benefits

Winning product or solution showcased at the innovation awards pavilion at &THEN

The Innovation Awards Pavillon is an area of the &THEN Experience Zone completely dedicated to the 2015 Innovation Awards. Winners will submit a video showcasing their product/solution that will played in their own section of the Pavillon to be viewed by the thousands of marketers that will be in attendance.

A webinar presentation after &THEN

A presentation showcasing your winning product/solution and it’s effectiveness will be available for download and viewing on the DMA website

Innovation Awards Ceremony dedicated to winners

Winners will be celebrated at an awards ceremony during &THEN. Network with fellow winners as we award your achievements at reception in your honor.

A formal press release announcing all winners to DMA media outlets

Winners will be announced via a press release that is distributed throughout the DMA’s massive network of marketers and industry leaders.

Dedicated Blog post

A blog post telling the story of your winning product/solution will be featured in the DMA blog, which reaches an audience of several thousand of the disrupters in marketing.

An engraved award trophy

A trophy will be engraved with your company logo and winning category. It is a symbol of your achievements that is yours to keep. It will be on displayed at the Innovation Awards Pavillon at &THEN

One Complimentary All-Access registration at &THEN

Winners will also be given a $300 discount code for additional All-Access passes. This code can be distributed to all clients and colleagues of the winners.



Solution/Product on the market:
January 2014 – May 2015

Does Your Solution…


Have differentiation from other products or solutions currently developed for the marketing community


Have a fresh way of looking at an existing solution


If a product extension, it must have substantial modification or adaptation

Can You Explain The…


Provide benefit to the marketing community and their customers


Demonstrate how it has helped the user improve efficiency or effectiveness


Provide data and detailed measurable results to quantify the impact


Audience Management

AUDIENCE MANAGEMENT – Solutions for enhanced data integration of all analog and digital customer information. These solutions will enable the creation of a complete and accurate single view of the customer by connecting personally identifiable information with: (a) digital advertising impression data, (b) in-store and on-line purchase history, (c) site browsing behavior, and (d) email open and click KPIs.

SUBCATEGORIES: CRM Database | Data Management | Database Management | Tag Management

Consumer Insight Solution

CONSUMER INSIGHT SOLUTION – Solutions that leverage innovative approaches and methodologies using first, second and third party data to identify actionable and measurable consumer insights through practical and advanced analytics.

These solutions are designed to optimize the customer experience; they maintain a strong focus on integrated technologies to: (a) improve the process, cost, and execution of end-to-end campaign delivery and (b) target key audience segments tied to relevant messaging platforms.

SUBCATEGORIES: Attribution | Business Intelligence | Measurement | Modeling | Reporting


CONTENT & NATIVE MARKETING – Solutions for Content & Native Marketing that focus on creative and innovative ways to use and / or deploy content – ultimately enhancing user experience and engagement – while still meeting the needs of content owners / publishers. Entrants in this category should be able to measurably demonstrate how their approach to content and / or native marketing delivers a new or unique approach to the market.

CRM & Loyalty

CRM & LOYALTY – Solutions that center on retaining customers, building winning loyalty programs, increasing brand awareness.
These solutions use multiple channels that may include social and content marketing aspects of loyalty marketing including: (1) full points programs, (2) membership programs, (3) value-tier analytics.


DIGITAL MARKETING PLATFORM – Solutions that use digital technologies to develop and manage timely, consistent, and relevant communications including content delivery in an effort to: (a) build brand awareness and (b) increase customer interaction, conversion, and ongoing relationships.

SUBCATEGORIES: Mobile | Social | Video solutions.


OMNICHANNEL CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT & MARKETING AUTOMATION – Solutions utilized for audience engagement, activation and loyalty.  These platforms support both one-way and two-way communications with consumers and business contacts, leveraging channels including email, direct mail, search, display, video, mobile, radio and IoT.  Solutions can be (a) scheduled, (b) programmed for real time/trigger interaction and (c) support programmatic buying methods.


Call for Entries: July 14th – September 11th

Judging: September 16th – 18th

Announcement: September 21st

Presentation: &THEN – October 4th-6th

Committee Members


Bruce Biegel
Senior Managing Director
Winterberry Group LLC.


Jeff Buchan
Senior Associate, Global Industry Relations


Mike Coakley
VP Marketing Technology Products


Scott Ellis
SVP Client Solutions


Bernice Grossman
President and Owner
DMRS Group, Inc.


Gary Ostrager
VP Analytics & Insights
Yes Lifecycle Marketing